Use a Modern and Efficient Hot Water System

An instantaneous or continuous flow hot water system will heat water as required, negating the need for a storage tank. In turn, this will reduce energy losses making it much more efficient. Meanwhile, the system will also never run out of hot water, so it’s the perfect choice for many households.

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    Take Advantage of the Compact Size

    Our instantaneous hot water systems are smaller than most other systems and can, therefore, be wall-mounted or placed in a cupboard, out of the way. They can also be installed either externally or internally, although there are restrictions on internal gas hot water systems.

    Features Include
    • Continuous flow high-powered units can service larger flow rates and several taps
    • Instantaneous hot water systems can operate on natural gas, LPG or three-phase electricity (single phase units are very low-powered)
    We’ll Help You Find What You Want

    When it comes to choosing an electric or gas hot water system, Austwest Plumbing & Gas is always happy to offer professional and impartial advice on the benefits of the various systems on offer. We pride ourselves on helping our customers find the system that’s best suited to their daily needs and will only ever install a hot water system that you’re completely satisfied with.

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